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Understanding why your preschool child lies

Posted on 08-15-2014


Your young child is constantly learning, developing and trying to figure out the world around him which means he will mimic and copy the behaviors of those around him. Therefore, it is no surprise that your preschool child may lie. What you may not know is that your child may lie for a variety of reasons. These reasons include just copying another’s behavior or they may involve self-gain, avoiding getting in trouble or blaming someone else. In a very young child, lies can also be simple forms of expressions, explorations of creativity or imagination.

Differentiating lies from imaginative play

As we mentioned above, not all lies are told with harmful intent or self-gain in mind, and many lies that your preschool child will tell may be simple ways to express a new idea or concept. A child under five years of age cannot always differentiate lies from truth and sometimes may just be seeking attention or approval. It is not easy to tell the difference, and it takes a parent’s patient understanding to talk with their child to find out what is going on. Creative lies should not be categorized as untruths, but should be recognized for what is underneath.

Take the time in talking with your child to find out the real meaning behind the lie. If it is, in fact, a malicious lie, then you have to explain why these kinds of lies are harmful and how your child can better manage his feelings. If, however, it is simply imaginative play, then realize that this is a natural phase of a child’s life and is important for him to explore his imagination.

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