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San Antonio, TX child care insights and the importance of social skills development

Posted on 06-11-2014


The accredited pre-school programs at Kids 'R' Kids Learning Academy of San Antonio focuses on your child’s social skills development in tandem with their cognitive, physical, and language skills development for several important reasons.

The Institute for Early Childhood Education and Research has determined that early development of a child's social skills is linked to:

  • Improved academic performance
  • Enhanced long-term learning
  • Better planning skills
  • Increased awareness of their own emotions
  • Ability to learn emotional self-control
  • Lower risk of anxiety disorders
  • Less potential for aggressive disorders
  • Increased emotional empathy for others

Our "hug first, then teach" philosophy ensures that social values, nurturing, and love are combined components for an exceptional teaching experience. Our exclusive curriculum offers your child the opportunity to explore, learn, and develop new skills both individually and in combination with their peers.

During these numerous teaching moments, your child will recognize and understand how they feel, what to do, and to develop emotional empathy for others. This can be anything as simple as helping a child express why they are happy or upset, to using storytelling to teach children about emotions, communication, and positive decision-making.

In addition, the use of both child-led playtime and fun teacher directed group activities encourages the development of healthy social awareness. This assists children to bond with one another, beneficially release stress, and relate positively with peers. While enrolled with us, the importance of friendship and harmony with teachers and peers is encouraged, regardless of nationality, religious beliefs, or cultural differences.

Our curriculum offers the perfect combination of individual and group activities to enhance your child’s growth and development within an accredited learning environment. For more information about our pre-school program or to schedule a tour of our Academy, please contact us today.

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