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San Antonio child care tips: The brain boosting benefits of infant sign language

Posted on 07-28-2014


Infant sign language increases effective communication between preverbal children and their caregivers. Research has shown that in addition to building communication skills these lessons also boost other areas of the brain, including motor and language skills, resulting in far-reaching developmental advantages.

How is sign language taught?

Infant sign language is a very basic form of signing that is derived from American Sign Language. Because it concentrates on simply naming an object, concept or emotion, it is easy for an infant to communicate using very few gestures. These gestures are taught through repetition, usually with the spoken word. The teacher or parent will point to the teddy bear, say the word “teddy” and make the correct gesture.

When can infant sign language be taught?

Sign language is ideally taught at about seven months of age. At this stage, your child’s motor skills will have developed before his verbal skills, although he will also have picked up some understanding of different words. Your child will learn various signs fairly rapidly at this development stage, as it is characterized by your child’s strong desire to focus on and mimic parents and caregivers.

What signs should I teach my child?

This is entirely up to you, but it is often good to start with ones that will offer your child the biggest rewards. These include signs for “hungry,” “thirsty,” “tired,” and “more.” As your child learns that making these signs means his needs get met faster than crying, he will be more inclined to make the right signs and learn further. Other favorite signs include “toy,” “bath,” “hot,” “cold,” and “play.”

Where can I find a child care facility that offers sign language?

Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of San Antonio offers an innovative early childhood development program for infants that includes sign language. These helpful lessons are included in an advanced daily program that combines story time, exercises and educational toys with a safe, loving environment. If you would like to find out more about our program and state-of-the-art facility, please contact us today.

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