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San Antonio Child Care: Six Ways to Boost Your Child's Brain Power

Posted on 01-29-2015


There are a variety of ways to boost your child’s brain development and mental ability. As childcare experts, Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of San Antonio is here to assist you with information about how you can boost your child’s brain power.

Brain games

Brain games are a great way to boost your child’s brain power. Puzzles, chess, and logic riddles are just some of the amazing games that boost the brain power of your child and help him or her reach peak brain development.


Music is another way to increase your child’s learning and brain development. By listening to music or by teaching your child a musical instrument, brain development will be enhanced.


One of the most overlooked aspects of your child’s early development is breast milk. A mother’s breast milk caters to her specific child who is obtaining the necessary vitamins and minerals to grow and excel in life.


Keeping your young child physically active is a great way to improve both physical and mental growth. Encourage your child to be active and assist him or her in learning to ride a bike or engage in outdoor activities.

Video games

With the onset of a technological age, it is clear that smart phones, tablets and computers play a part in all of our lives. There are thousands of games aimed at your child’s specific age that are superb for learning while at home.

Eating right

Food plays a major role in your child’s growth both mentally and physically. Providing the right foods will ensure that the brain develops and that your child always has the proper energy to learn.

Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of San Antonio, Texas has the facility to provide your child with the best early education. Contact us now to find out more about your child’s brain development or to enroll him or her in the preschool care of our skilled educators.

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