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Popular infant care feeding tips

Posted on 11-10-2014


One of the most important parts of infant care is feeding your baby. You can breastfeed or bottle feed your infant. The child care experts at Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of San Antonio review the differences in these feeding practices, which can be helpful for you and your newborn.


Breastfeeding is generally the recommended way of feeding an infant to ensure that the proper nutrients are delivered. Breast milk is nature’s uniquely developed and ideal food source for your child, because in addition to providing the right nutrition for your infant breast milk also bolsters your child’s immune system and increases brain development. Breast milk is developed specifically for your child so it provides all the nutrition your baby needs. Another nice aspect of breastfeeding is that it creates a strong bonding experience for you and your baby.

Bottle feeding

Parents can bottle feed an infant with either breast milk or commercial formulas. Commercial formulas are quite nourishing and support an infant’s healthy development, but do not have all of the specific nutrients of breast milk. This is because a commercial formula does not contain the specific antibodies that breast milk does. However, for those parents for whom breastfeeding is not an option, commercial formulas work very well. Parents can also have good bonding experiences when bottle feeding.

Finger feeding

Finger feeding is used early to teach an infant how to breast or bottle feed. This technique involves applying small amounts of milk to your finger and then stimulate your baby’s lips with the milk, thereby, teaching your infant how to feed.

At Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of San Antonio, we understand infant care from our many years of experience. For information about our infant care services, contact us today.

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