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Online games for your San Antonio preschooler

Posted on 08-15-2014


The introduction of broadband internet connections has allowed unprecedented access, both educational and recreational, to an amazing amount of information for everyone, even your preschool child. There are a number of websites that cater to children of this age. Here are some online games for your preschooler to play at home which can help him or her learn:

Jigsaw games

Online jigsaw games and puzzles are a great way for preschool children to utilize both the left and right sides of the brain. Studies have shown that people who consistently do jigsaw puzzles throughout their lives are far less likely to suffer from diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s. There are a number of educational websites readily available that offer jigsaw games for children of all ages.

Racing games

Children absolutely love playing racing games. These are fun, exciting and mentally stimulating. There are many racing games for your preschool child to play, many of them free. While many parents think that this type of game is not very beneficial to their child’s development, these games aid your child in developing hand-eye coordination, as well as reaction times.

Spot the odd image out

These games are a good way for your preschool child to learn about sequencing and distinguishing images. These games use images that appear identical, but, on closer look, one of the images is different. Your child has to learn how to find the differences. These games may have a time limit as part of the game, but the time limit can be set to adapt to your child’s needs. You may want to start without the time limit at first until your child learns more about the game.

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