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How to help your child love preschool in San Antonio

Posted on 08-15-2014


Many parents wonder if their children would enjoy going to preschool and how they can encourage their children to attend. Kids 'R' Kids Learning Academy at Hardy Oak Boulevard / Stone Oak Area has a few insights to share that may help.

Prepare your child before starting preschool

Preschool may be the first time that your child is away from you for an extended period of time and he or she may be anxious or afraid. Talk with your child about preschool, what to expect to do there, who he or she will meet, and the fun they will have. Assure your child that they will be safe, and that you will return for them later in the day. You can also simulate or “play” preschool to give your child some further sense of what to expect. Another idea is to take your child to visit the school prior to the start date to see the facilities and meet some of the staff. This tends to put most children more at ease with the upcoming transition.

Help your child anticipate exciting activities

When preparing your child to go to preschool, be sure to pack comforting items and allow your child to choose some of his their things such as a change of clothes and a special blanket for nap time. This will give him or her a sense of control and eager anticipation. Tell your preschooler about the fun activities they will participate in and, perhaps, take them to a playground that has similar equipment where he or she can play with children their own age.

A qualified preschool will have a variety of engaging activities that will keep your child learning while they play. And remember, parents have a huge influence on whether or not their child is able to enjoy preschool. Finding ways to help your child get excited about attending preschool ahead of time will make the transition so much easier.

Kids 'R' Kids Learning Academy at Hardy Oak Boulevard / Stone Oak Area is a specialized child care center that offers an AdvancED Accredited preschool program and exclusive curriculum. We help develop your child both mentally and physically, while still making sure that he or she finds their learning experience to be enjoyable. Contact us today or visit our state-of-the-art facility to meet with our highly trained teachers. 

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