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Child care and you: Why parents choose Kids 'R' Kids Learning Academy at Bitters Road / Deerfield Area over other preschools

Posted on 01-30-2015


Choosing a preschool for your child can be a difficult task for parents. Kids 'R' Kids Learning Academy at Bitters Road / Deerfield Area pushes the boundaries of what preschools offer by presenting a comprehensive childcare solution that encourages learning and creativity in a stimulating and secure environment.

Our Learning Academy

Our state-of-the-art facility is fully equipped to meet your child’s every need. From high-tech security systems and child-proofing to an innovative design that allows our staff to easily supervise your child during his or her time with us, we ensure that your child is safe at all times. We also have the most recent and best age-appropriate toys, activities, playgrounds and classrooms to ensure that your child has plenty of fun while learning new skills. In addition, we have leading technology installed in our classrooms to assist and enhance the learning process, giving your child a stimulating but balanced learning experience.


Our staff members are dedicated to providing your child with the foundation he or she needs to excel in future academic endeavors. By working closely with your child and building a loving and trusting relationship, our experienced teachers are able to maximize your child’s mental potential. In addition, our staff are fully trained in CPR/First Aid, infectious disease control, injury prevention and child abuse awareness, ensuring that your child is kept safe and healthy while learning with us.

AdvancED™ Accredited Program

By meeting the high standards demanded for AdvancED™accreditation, we ensure that every child in our learning center is provided with the most exceptional educational experience available. By continuously evaluating our teaching methods, resources, curriculum and facilities, we are committed to leading the educational field in terms of excellence and innovation. As part of this commitment, we offer your child learning opportunities that focus on leadership, problem solving, creative thinking and reasoning, while introducing him or her to academic subjects and structures.

To find out more about our preschool facilities and program, contact us today.

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